Assistant Sub Commissioner Harry St George GALT
Uganda Protectorate

Date of birth: 28th January 1872
Date of death: 19th May 1905

Killed on active service aged 33
Harry St George Galt was born at Emsworth in Hampshire on the 28th of January 1872 the son of Edwin Galt JP, a brewer, and Marian (nee White) Galt of South Parade, 6 Grosvenor Beach Mansions, Southsea. He was christened at Warblington in Hampshire on the 25th of February 1872.

He was educated at Lancing College from May 1885 to December 1888 where he was in School House.

He was appointed as the tax collector of the Ankole sub region of Uganda and was later appointed as Acting British Sub Commissioner of the Western Province of the Uganda Protectorate.

At 6.30 pm on the 19th of May 1905 Harry Galt was sitting outside a government rest house at the village of Katooma near Ibanda some twenty miles from Mbarara, reading a book. A native approached unseen and made his way through the fence. He walked to within a few yards of Galt and threw a spear at him which struck him in the chest. He died a few minutes later. Although the man, who was named Rutaraka, was later apprehended and an investigation was convened, no motive was ever established for Galt's assassination.

A monument was erected in his memory at the site in the shape of a pyramid.