The Second World War

AKROYD-STUART, Anthony Charles Letteblere 76 Squadron Royal Air Force
ALLEN, John DerwentDuke of Cornwall's Light Infantry attached to the 4th Nigeria Regiment...
ANDERSON, Guy Michael Craigie 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment
ANLEY, Michael John GoreD Company, 1st Battalion Somerset Light Infantry
ARNOLD, Clement Peter7th Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
ARNOTT, David Scott2/5th Battalion Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
ARROWSMITH, John Raymond St George 103 Squadron Royal Air Force
ASHTON, Derek Kilgour 166 Squardon Royal Air Force
ASHWIN, Gerard Willington Forster 53 Squadron Royal Air Force
ATCHISON, Ian Alexander Nigel 58 Squadron Royal Air Force
BARON, Donald John Kelsall 300 (Polish) Squadron Royal Air Force
BATLEY, Anthony Roger Townend HMS Hood Royal Navy
BEAUMAN, Arthur Richard Hugh 22 Squadron Royal Air Force
BLACK, George Roderick Hartwell 77 Squadron Royal Air Force
BLAIKIE, John CampbellRoyal Corps of Signals
BOARDMAN, Terence Aldridge Wilson 328th Battery, 99th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
BONNER, Colin AbbottHMS Hood, Royal Navy
BONSEY, WilliamHMS Gloucester, Royal Navy
BOOTH, Neville George Richardson No. 20 Operational Training Unit, Royal Air Force
BORRADAILE, Anthony Guy2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
BOYER , Norman1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment attached to the Sudan Defenc...
BRENMER, Cecil DouglasB Company, 5th Battalion East Kent Regiment (Buffs)
BURN, Denis Riddell 9 Squadron Royal Air Force
CARDWELL, Robert Howard830 Naval Air Squadron Fleet Air Arm
CARPENTER, Peter John519 Squadron Royal Air Force
CHATFIELD, John Anthony Cecil245 Battery, 62nd Anti Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
CLARKE, Michael Terance617 (Dambusters) Squadron Royal Air Force
COOPER , Derek PercieRoyal Artillery attached to Headquarters, 1st Airborne Division
COTTER, Patrick Claud50 Squadron Royal Air Force
CROFTON-ATKINS , Paul Harry217 Battery, 112 (West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artill...
CROSS, Myles Clayton HMS Clacton, Royal Navy
CURLING, Christopher Higham B Flight, 160 Squadron Royal Air Force
DAVENPORT, Michael Orme Torpedo Development Unit, Royal Air Force
DAVIDSON, Robert Patrick SkeneNo. 2 Service Flying Training School, Royal Air Force
DAVISON, Ulric John GerryNo. 12 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit, Royal Air Force
DENSHAM, William Morton120 Squadron, Royal Air Force
DISNEY-ROEBUCK , Algernon GuyRoyal Artillery attached to the 51st (Gold Coast) Light Battery, West ...
DONOVAN, Cyril Percy MortimerRoyal Army Service Corps
DU PRE, Francis EvelynC Squadron, 3rd King’s Own Hussars Royal Armoured Corps
DUKE, Timothy James Hare HMS Matabele, Royal Navy
ECKFORD, Errol Frederick 3rd (Penang and Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps) Battalion, Straits...
ELKAN, John Eric346th Company 36th (Middlesex) Anti Aircraft Battalion Royal Engineers
EVANS, Charles Anthony Hugh 31 Squadron, Royal Air Force, attached to Allied Headquarters, Delhi
EVES, Hubert John Heath F Company, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards
FAZAN , Gilbert RoyRoyal Sussex Regiment attached to No. 1 Troop, No. 6 Commando
FILSON-YOUNG, Richard208 Squadron Royal Air Force
FITZGERALD, Adrian JohnRoyal Engineers
GILLETT, Richard Hamilton7th Battalion, 10th Baluch Regiment attached to A Company, 152nd (Indi...
GOFF, Ion Malise The King’s Regiment (Liverpool) attached to the Royal Ulster Rifles ...
GRIER, Denys RoyC Company, 2nd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps
HAIG, Edward Gordon1st Battalion Rhodesia Regiment attached to the 2/1st Battalion King...
HAMILTON-FOX, Robert Sydney7 Squadron Royal Air Force (Pathfinders)
HANKEY , Stephen AlersA Flight, 161 (Special Service) Squadron Royal Air Force
HARBOTTLE, Anthony Guiscard 58 Squadron Royal Air Force
HEASMAN, Frederick James222nd Searchlight Training Unit, Royal Artillery
HEYGATE, Nicholas Basil No. 22 Service Flying Training School, Royal Air Force
HINKS , John Olding9 Squadron Royal Air Force
HOLLAND, Basil Leonard Francis Alfred 233 Squadron Royal Air Force
HOLT, Rodney Nigel10th (2nd The Rangers) Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps
HYDE PARKER, Anthony EdingtonPhotographic Reconnaissance Unit Royal Air Force
JACKSON, Sydney Vivian Ackroyd Royal Air Force
JACOMB-HOOD , John Kennedy3rd Battalion 1st King George Vs Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun Regimen...
KETTLES-ROY, Peter Hugh158 Squadron Royal Air Force
KIDSON, Marcus William Terence 126 Squadron Royal Air Force
LANDON, Patrick Guy Otway Royal Engineers attached to 9th Field Company, Queen Victoria’s Own ...
LARGE, Harold Cosgrove820 Squadron Fleet Air Arm, HMS Formidable Royal Navy
LEE, Clifford LawsonB Flight, 49 Squadron Royal Air Force
LEEKE, Alan Charles Herbert HMS Hermes Royal Navy
LEMON, Robert Kershaw4th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers attached to 158 Infantry Brigade
LESLIE, Reginald Frederick StuartRoyal Air Force
LISTER, Hugh Evelyn JacksonSupport Company, 1st (Infantry) Battalion Welsh Guards
LLOYD-PRYCE, Herbert Howard12 Squadron Royal Air Force
LUXMOORE, Arthur Noble144 Squadron Royal Air Force
LUXMOORE, Thomas Gordon Putt HMS Hood Royal Navy
MACKINNON, Alan Gordon410 (Cougar) Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force
MARKHAM, Richard Frederick Cyprian 36 Squadron Royal Air Force
MATHEW, Christopher Alec Wright C Squadron, 51st (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Tank Corps
MAYALL, Derek JohnA Company, 1/4th Battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
MAYNARD, Christopher Noel80 Squadron, Royal Air Force
MCINTYRE, Archibald Angus 222 (Natal) Squadron Royal Air Force
MILLING, John David Calcutt Royal Engineers
MOORE, Cyril George William5 Service Flight Training School, Royal Air Force
MOORE, NigelHMS Van Meerlant, Royal Naval Patrol Service
MORGAN, Herbert PaceB Troop, C Battery, 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
MORTIMER, Michael John255 Squadron Royal Air Force
MURPHY, Denis Luke Maurice 21st King George V's Own Horse (Central India Horse), I.A.C. attached ...
MYERS, Edmond FrankA Flight, 148 (Special Duties) Squadron Royal Air Force
NOCKOLDS, Martin George Francis No. 25 Elementary Flying Training School, Royal Air Force
OAKES, Thomas Henry Edmund 7th Anti Tank Regiment, New Zealand Artillery
ODDIE, Major Hugh78 Squadron Royal Air Force
PEARSE, Frederick Philip Harvey C Company, 1/8th (Salford) Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
PEERS, Leslie Heywood B Company, 6th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)
PELLING, Geoffrey55 Squadron Royal Air Force
PHILIPS, Richard Edward Anthony 15 Platoon, C Company, 18th Battalion New Zealand Infantry
POPE, Vyvyan Vavasour 1st Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment, General Staff and Royal Ta...
POTTER, Anthony DavidC Squadron, Royal Horse Guards, 2nd Household Cavalry Regiment
PURSER, JulianHMS Burghead Bay Royal Navy
PURSER, Richard WilliamNo. 6 Ferry Pilot Pool, Air Transport Auxiliary
QUARTLEY, Henry Douglas2nd (Selangor) Battalion, Federated Malay States Volunteer Force
QUIN , Alfred John40 Squadron Royal Air Force
RAWLINS, Michael Howard50 Squadron Royal Air Force
REDMAN, Douglas Grant13 Squadron Royal Air Force
REID, Bruce Douglas George Houstoun 107 Squadron, Royal Air Force
RICE, Arthur Michael Norman Northamptonshire Regiment attached to A Company, 5th Battalion, East Y...
RICE, William James Pickering 10 Squadron Royal Air Force
ROBERTS, Desmond Slavin Bowlby D Company, 2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment
ROBERTS, John HollingworthHMS Euphrates Royal Navy
ROBINS, John EdwardCentral Flying School, Royal Air Force
ROLT, Cecil Francis Burney 23rd Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps
ROMYN, Ronald HoskinsB Company, 9th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment
RUSHTON, Eric Rooksby2nd Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
SALT, Alan FrancisA Battery (Chestnut Troop), 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
SAMPLE, John137 Squadron Royal Air Force
SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, Colin Herbert3rd City of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters), Royal Tank Regiment, Roya...
SHAW, John NevilleRoyal Air Force
SHEPHERD-SMITH , Peter239 Squadron Royal Air Force
SHIRLEY, Richard Cathal De La Cour 13th Frontier Force Rifles, Indian Army
SMITH, Benjamin GrantRoyal Artillery
SMITHERS, Peter HenryC Company, 1/6th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment
STANCLIFFE, Philip John Norman Unit Base Personnel Depot, Maison Blanche, Royal Air Force
STENGER, Paul Hendrik118 Squadron Royal Air Force (Netherlands)
STEWART, Ian Grahame 65 (East India) Squadron Royal Air Force
STREATFEILD, James ChampionD Company, 2nd Battalion 1st King George V’s Own Gurkha Rifles (The ...
STRONG, Michael Stuart A Squadron North Irish Horse, Royal Armoured Corps
STUBBS, Guy Clifford2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment and General Staff
THORNTON, Maurice James Griffith Royal Fusiliers, Royal Ulster Rifles attached to G Company, 2nd Battal...
TILDEN, Osmond Peter HMS Duchess Royal Navy
TODD, Gerald FrankB Squadron, 46th Regiment Reconnaissance Corps, Royal Armoured Corps
TOWNSEND, Kenneth Charles 4th Battalion, 10th Princess Mary’s Own Gurkha Rifles
TURNER, Folliott Victor Polhill 1654 Heavy Conversion Unit, Royal Air Force
WALTERS, John Colvile3rd (Penang & Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps) Battalion Straits Se...
WARD, Edward Noel61 Squadron Royal Air Force
WATSON, Walter GeoffreyB Flight, 578 Squadron, Royal Air Force
WEDGWOOD, Jefferson Heywood92 (East India) Squadron Royal Air Force
WICKS, Philip Charles Livesey 77 Squadron Royal Air Force
WILSON , Richard31st General Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps
WOODIN, James Steward Hampshire Regiment attached to the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
WOODWARD, Robert Sinckler263 Squadron Royal Air Force
WYKEHAM-MARTIN , Dennis Fiennes 86 Squadron Royal Air Force