The Second World War

AGNEW, David Lawrence354 Squadron, Royal Air Force
ALEXANDER, Derrick Vionnee155th Light Antiaircraft Battery, 52nd (East Lancashire) Light Antiair...
ARMSTRONG, Gerard BruceB Squadron, 1st King's Dragoon Guards
ARMSTRONG, John DicksonHMS Goodall, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
BAKER, George Alan HillTraining Battalion, Welsh Guards
BAKER, John Custance109 Squadron Royal Air Force
BAKER, Robert Sidney Courthope7th Battalion Somerset Light Infantry
BARBER, John Stuart77 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
BEALE, Richard Stewart169 Battery, 57th (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) Light Anti Air...
BEARD, Peter GascoyneHM Trawler Agate, Royal Navy
BEESTON, William Ralph HumphreyRoyal Armoured Corps attached to the Army Air Corps and B Squadron, 6t...
BENT, Denys PaulHMS Eaglet
BONHAM-CARTER, Basil Edgar6th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
BOWEN, Peter Duncan169 Squadron, Royal Air Force
BYRON, JohnHMCS Valleyfield, Royal Navy
CALDWELL, Hilary CharlesRoyal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
CANN, Lindsay Northcote Beavis156 (Pathfinder) Squadron Royal Air Force
CARSON, Brian Hardy3rd (Penang and Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps) Battalion, Straits...
CHANDLER, Harold Esdale1st Battalion London Scottish Regiment
CHANDLER, Norman Esdale1st Battalion London Scottish Regiment
CHARNAUD, Kenrick Archibald WorsleyRoyal Army Service Corps, 18th Division
CHESTER, Francis George LeachGeneral List attached to Z Special Unit, Special Operations Executive ...
COLLYER, Denis Ralph158 Squadron Royal Air Force
COOK, Graham140th Field Regiment (5th London) Royal Artillery
COOK, Henry Charles John1801 F.B.E. Platoon, 105th Company, Royal Army Service Corps (Bridge)
COOPER, Noel WilsonCombined Operations Pilotage Party, No. 3 Royal Marine Commando
CREMER, Jeffrey Martin610 (County of Cheshire) Squadron Royal Air Force
DANN, HenryHMS Glorious, Royal Navy
DAWKINS, Thomas Noel23rd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
DE LA PERRELLE, Bernard LionelB Company, 9th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
DEWAR, John Scatliff213 Squadron Royal Air Force
DOWMAN, PeterC Company, 1st Battalion Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)
DUNLOP, Alan Bruce429 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force
DURIE, Roy Alwin59 Squadron Royal Air Force
EGERTON-JONES, Arnold AnthonyA Company, 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment
ELLIS, Michael George RupertGrenadier Guards
ERLACH, KurtII Gruppe, Nachtjagdgeschwader 5 attached to Jagdfliegersammelgruppe, ...
FRASER, Nigel JohnKing's Shropshire Light Infantry attached to the 2nd Battalion Herefor...
FYFE, Ronald WatsonHMS Southampton, Royal Navy
GLENNIE, Donald Gordon61 Squadron Royal Air Force
GRAHAM, John FergusonD Company, 3rd Battalion 14th Punjab Regiment
GULLOCH, William Duncan2nd Battalion, Black Watch attached to the 2nd Battalion, King's Own S...
HARRE, Arthur Dunstan Beverley7 Troop, B Squadron, 47th (Oldham) Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured...
HASELDEN, John Intelligence Corps
HATTON, Wallace David19th Hyderabad Regiment attached to A Company, 152nd Indian Parachute...
HILL, Edward FrankD Company, 7th Battalion Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
HINDS, William Torrens54 Squadron Royal Air Force
HOBDAY, Harold Herbert Jordain216 Squadron, Royal Air Force
HOBSON, John Robert WilliamsonRoyal Army Service Corps
HOLDEN, Robert James1st Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
HOLMES, William TathamRoyal Air Force attached to the Fleet Air Arm
HUGHES-CHAMBERLAIN, Robert Edward Michael 500 Squadron, Royal Air Force
HUNT, Martin HobyHMS Somali, Royal Navy
HUNTER, Philip Algernon264 Squadron Royal Air Force
HYDE, Ian Robertson296 Squadron, Royal Air Force
IRELAND, Robert Hudson Henderson11 Squadron Royal Air Force
JACKSON, David Edwin Frederick HamiltonRoyal Engineers
JEANS, Douglas James Tendron 2/28th Battalion Australian Infantry
JOHNSON, Oliver Kirby245th Field Company Royal Engineers
JONES, Jeffrey Russell BavingtonLincolnshire Regiment attached to B Company, 16th Battalion, Durham Li...
KENNAN, Lionel WilliamsRoyal Army Service Corps, 18th Division
KENNEDY, David Robert50 Squadron Royal Air Force
KING, David89th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery attached to No2 Com...
KINNAIRD, Alexander George1st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own)
LEIGH, Geoffrey Edward Francis Coward827 Squadron Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy
LINDSELL, Alan Gordon Howard181 Squadron Royal Air Force
LINELL, Lewis Wilfred RoyleRoyal Artillery attached to the Royal Indian Army Service Corps
MACDOUGALL, Charles Anthony RaymondHMS King Alfred Royal Navy
MACDOUGALL, Peter NorbertArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders
MACKNESS, Charles Lawrence5th Battalion, East Kent Regiment (Buffs)
MAGGS, Frederick John BucklandCivilian
MARTIN, Reginald ErnestCeylon Defence Force
MASSE, John Michael HumfreyB Section, 1st Divisional Petrol Company, Royal Army Service Corps
MAUGHAN-TAYLOR , Douglas Michael Louis Brabant 142 Squadron, Royal Air Force
MAXTED, Geoffrey Raymond EdwardHMS Glasgow, Royal Navy
MEGAW, Eric Jack Kennedy8 Anti Aircraft Cooperation Unit, Royal Air Force
MILES, Martin Hugh2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment
MINETT, James FrederickNo. 2 School of Air Navigation, Royal Air Force
MINTER, Edward ArthurHMS Drake, Royal Navy
MORRIS, Geoffrey Price221 Squadron Royal Air Force
NEVE, Desmond Roderick76 Squadron, Royal Air Force
NORRIS, John de la Mare4th Hertfordshire Battalion, Home Guard (Welwyn)
NORTHCOTE, Amyas Henry StaffordB Company, 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire...
OWEN, Derek Edward4th Battalion 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles
OXSPRING, Edward WilliamMV Domala, Merchant Navy
PAGE, Dominic8 (C) Operational Training Unit, Royal Air Force
PERCY, Alister Charles Jocelyn501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron Royal Air Force
POTTER, Norman Arthur RaymondR Battery, 15th Field Regiment Royal Artillery
POWELL, Reginald Baden16 Service Flying Training School, Royal Canadian Air Force
PRESTON, Patrick Sidney Cooper B Company, 1/7th Battalion Middlesex Regiment
REYNOLDS, Harry Churchill218 (Gold Coast) Squadron Royal Air Force
REYNOLDS, William Leonard EliotRoyal Army Medical Corps
ROBERTS, James Guye Francklin WatkinsonHMS Exmouth, Royal Navy
ROBERTS, Paul LouisIndian Signals Corps
ROBINSON, John EdmundHMS Boadicea Royal Navy
ROWBOTHAM, John LeslieRoyal Artillery attached to 2nd Battery, 24th Mountain Regiment, India...
ROYLE, John PopplewellNo 1 Wing, Glider Pilot Regiment Army Air Corps
RUNDLE, Aldborough TomUmvoti Mounted Rifles, Union Defence Force
SAMPSON, William Anthony PennycuickRoyal Artillery attached to the 3rd (Light) Anti Aircraft Regiment, Ho...
SARGENT, John Michael HewlettNo. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, Royal Air Force
SARGENT, Miles Christian Templar2nd Battalion Essex Regiment
SAVAGE, Michael175 Squadron Royal Air Force
SCHOLFIELD, James Michael LeslieHMS Duchess, Royal Navy
SEYMOUR, ArthurHome Guard
SIDEBOTHAM, John Richard BiddulphHMS Dorsetshire Royal Navy
SIMS, Norman Edward George97th (Kent Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
SMITH, Harold SoudenRoyal Air Force Flying School, Cranwell
SMYTHE, George ClintonRoyal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
STEVENS, Reginald Lothian2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
TAYLOR, BrianDover Platoon, Home Guard
TAYLOR, John Peter455 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force
THIEDE, Emil Adolf Clifford4th (Queen's Own) Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps
THOMPSON, Austin HenryCivilian
THOMPSON, Charles Edward VaseyB Flight, 211 Squadron, Royal Air Force
TOWERS, Jeffrey Goodwin7th Battalion, 2nd Punjab Regiment
TOWNEND, Gerald Arthur1st Battalion Prince of Wales' Volunteers (South Lancashire) Regiment
VANE, John Anthony256 Squadron Royal Air Force
WADE, Desmond Percy33 Squadron Royal Air Force
WALLIS, Charles Andrew233 Squadron Royal Air Force
WALSH, Basil Graham37 Squadron Royal Air Force
WAYLAND, John Swithin241 Squadron Royal Air Force
WHITE, Arthur Nathaniel EdwardNo. 23 Operational Training Unit, Royal Air Force
WILLIAMS, Harry Malcolm102 (Ceylon) Squadron, Royal Air Force
WILLIAMS, Lionel Graham233 Squadron Royal Air Force
WILLSDON, Donald550 Squadron Royal Air Force
WILSON, John HardstaffD Squadron, Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons, Royal Armoured Corps
WINTERTON, Herman GodfreyRoyal Army Service Corps
WITNEY, Peter NormanRoyal Army Medical Corps
WOOD, Gregory DillonC Company, 5th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment
WOOD, Keith NeweyC Troop, 53 Battery, 7th Survey Regiment, Royal Artillery
WRIGHT, Edwin John LoftusHMS Glorious, Royal Navy